Momo Challenge Info

Momo Challenge Info
Posted on 02/28/2019

A recent social media challenge Challenge directed at children and young adults called the “Momo Challenge”, is creating concern throughout the country. Victor Elementary School District is urging parents to become aware of this challenge and monitor their children’s use of social media and the internet. The “Momo Challenge” can be found on Facebook, YouTube, and/or the “WhatsApp” and is extremely disturbing in nature. The communications through the “Momo Challenge” begin with a chat that asks the receiver to perform small tasks and then escalates to more serious violent acts and request photographs for proof.

The “Momo Challenge” is just one example of dangerous “games” through social media that has a negative impact on students and their social interactions. Here in our schools and for you at home, it continues to be challenging to monitor and address the ever developing and changing topics related to social media. We must consider common sense guidelines, age appropriateness, and exposure from older siblings or neighbors.

Victor Elementary School District administrative teams will continue to provide students and parents with information to address this most recent social media and internet concern. Please contact the counselors or administrative team of your student’s school regarding this topic or any other social media/internet concerns. You can learn more about the “Momo Challenge” by visiting some of the links below.

We ask that you consider age appropriateness for children’s use of technology, time spent on social media, and overall reminders of family expectations for making good choices using their conscience. Below are some links that offer advice.…/social-media-monitoring-kids……/media-guidelines-for-kids-of-all-a…/